Our renewable energy area develops advice in capital-intensive sectors, with references in investments of 13,000 million euros for 12.7GW on 5 continents, and additional experience of partners to reach 32,000 million euros and 28GW.


We contribute to a more sustainable world from the conviction that better use of water, energy and the environment can be carried out.


We are present in Europe, America and Asia. We manage more than 2,000 100% green and sustainable energy points. We carry more than 255 MW of energy in industrial self-consumption facilities. We are committed to the future with more than 55 million tons sent into the Atmosphere. We generate our own sustainable energy with more than 5 GWp of projects in development. We have achieved savings of 50 million euros for our clients. We move thanks to the talent and drive of our more than 200 professionals.

Some of our specific experiences:

  • Solar projects totaling 400 MW in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia
  • Photovoltaic projects in Spain and Mexico (117 Mw). Comprehensive management of the solar project, including substation and transmission lines
  • Direction in the construction of solar plants in Asia (Vietnam, Bangladesh)
  • Photovoltaic projects in EMEA belonging to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Project
  • Jamaica construction of the country’s first photovoltaic solar plant.
  • Chile construction of 110 MW and 140 MW photovoltaic plants.

Supply and Operations


Supply advice for various categories and financial and commercial projects for large tenders.

We bring exceptional experience in the infrastructure/energy/oil and gas sectors and offshore/shipbuilding businesses. We offer one of the largest experiences worldwide in the supply of renewable and wind energy.

Some technical data of what we offer

  • Two lines of business:
    • Full cycle advice on renewable projects (selection, permits, supply and agreements, capital and debt advice, project management and O&M). Consulting on Strategy and Operations.
    • The concept of comprehensive development allows Owners with limited knowledge of renewable energy to develop their asset through an engineering services contract.
  • We have a renewable approach that arises to address new renewable opportunities by adding the design, development and structuring capabilities of its collaborating companies.
  • We are experts in the promotion and management of renewable assets, created with the business impulse of the investment group 3-Gutinver, originally from the chemical sector in Castilla y León and owner of Incosa (recognized engineering specialized in infrastructure and energy with more than 35 years of experience). history), and which incorporates the experience in renewable energy portfolio management of Atlantic Val Expan, with a team of professionals with 25 years of experience in the wind and solar sector.
  • Equipment. Internal engineering, technical, geotechnical and environmental assistance capabilities.


Business process
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Generation
  • Financing
  • O&M
  • Storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Destination Development. Location selection. Permits and authorizations
  • Structure. Commercial and Debt and Equity Financing
  • Technical and operational support. Design, Construction and Maintenance
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